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Building relationships for better health: 3 patient interventions to improve adherence

  • Apr 21, 2021
  • PBM Model
The financial and health implications of medication nonadherence are staggering — costing the U.S. healthcare system between $100 and $290 billion annually and taking the lives of 125,000 people each year. When patients fail to take their medications as directed, they are at risk of disrupted treatment, disease progression, increased hospitalizations and unnecessary medical costs.

While patients navigate new challenges to adherence brought on by the pandemic, such as fear of in-person visits to hospitals, pharmacists are ideally positioned to promote the value of adherence through a patient-centered approach to pharmacotherapy.

Pharmacists can work directly with patients to improve their adherence and, ultimately, their quality of life. Here are three patient-centered interventions that pharmacists can leverage to improve medication adherence:

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