Your formulary or drug mix can make a huge impact on overall plan costs. Our lowest-net-cost philosophy provides clinically sound, cost-effective alternatives, such as generics or less expensive brands, creating a high-performance formulary that consistently delivers the lowest net cost. While rebates alone are not the goal of our business model, our formulary, with its lower average wholesale price (AWP) starting point and focus on lowest net cost, makes it possible to achieve substantial rebates, without paying more, which lowers PMPM costs. With Navitus you:

  • Get a high performance drug mix (i.e. low cost generics, less expensive brands) that consistently delivers the lowest net cost and reduces PMPM expenses
  • Achieve substantial rebates without paying more with our low AWP starting point

CHART: Lowest-Net Cost Drives Greater Value. Cost containment strategies that optimize drug mix are more significant than maximizing rebates.

Why is PMPM important?

It provides a clear picture of your true, ‘all in’ costs from administrative fees and rebates, to clinical programs and discounts. PMPM also measures spend vs. trend, which more accurately depicts a plan’s true cost.


Successfully Lowering PMPM

In 2017, our commercial clients experienced an average PMPM of $76.56, which is 15.5% lower than PMPMs published by other PBMs. Such significant savings are not limited to 2017. Clients with Navitus have saved an average of 15% over the past 5 years. Cumulative PMPM savings over the past five years total to $62.35 PMPM. This is nearly a year of spend! Some plan sponsors see it as a ‘Buy 5, get 1 free’!

CHART: Industry-Leading PBM. In 2017 we achieved a PMPM of $76 which is 15.5%25 lower than the National average of $90.

Why Choose Us

The Bottom Line

When you work with a fully transparent and pass through PBM the results are a given, but the experience is unique. Our expert advisors will lead you into a new adventure in pharmacy benefit management where you’ll get:
•    A Clear View into your pharmacy benefit costs and savings opportunities
•    The Guidance to get your benefit management going in the right direction
•    Peace of mind that our expertise and experience are on your side every day
As a result, we make managing your Rx benefits feel less like work and more play. On top of that, our clients experience a substantial savings of 10-15%. We call it Pharmacy Benefits Reinvented.

We cannot say enough positive things about transitioning our specialty pharmacy services to Lumicera. The Navitus account team had a high level of engagement prior to and post migration to ensure quality continuity of care. L.A. Care is delighted with the smooth transition and our members have provided extrememly positive feedback. We know we are in good hands with Navitus and couldn’t be happier with our new specialty partner, Lumicera.

Yana Paulson

Senior Director, Pharmacy, L.A. Care

With this insight into Navitus’ operations and access to data, I am able to make sensible decisions with the best interest of the Trust in mind.

Ken Stuart

Administrative Manager, San Diego Electrical Health and Welfare Trust

Navitus made my job so much easier and less worrisome. They assisted us in ensuring our significant formulary change went smoothly. The financial savings we experienced have exceeded what we anticipated. Navitus has lived up to its promises.

Wendie Carlson

Chief Human Resources Officer, West Tennessee Healthcare

Our holistic approach to well-being will always include solutions with innovative partners like Navitus that allow our staff to save money while enhancing their quality of life. The integration of pharmacy benefits and our other well-being solutions are key to our staff's success.

Elizabeth Rhoads

Benefits Manager, Compassion International

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