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Like any PBM, we work with manufacturers and pharmacies to secure the best pricing, rebates and discounts possible on behalf of our clients. In a traditional arrangement, the PBM may take a spread and charge the client more than the pharmacy was paid. Or, the PBM may keep some of the rebate as a way to make money.

However, what makes us unique is our full pass-through model. We pass 100 percent of all discounts or rebates we receive directly back to the client, allowing us to take the unnecessary costs out of pharmacy spend. So with Navitus you can expect to:

  • Receive 100 percent of all discounts and rebates that we secure on your behalf
  • Get unrestricted visibility down to the claim and invoice level for better tracking and monitoring
  • Experience lower drug trend, decreased PMPM expenses and reduced costs

Navitus Results and Highlights

New Client Savings

Our true pass-through approach, lowest-net-cost formulary and outstanding clinical care model take the unnecessary costs out of pharmacy benefit management, helping clients that switched to Navitus in 2020 save an average of 18% in drug spend.

Navitus Results and Highlights

Industry-Leading Value

Despite numerous factors driving up the cost of health care last year, we achieved a commercial book-of-business PMPM that was 12% lower than the forecasted industry average. In addition, nearly a third of our established commercial clients experienced negative PMPM trend compared to the previous year.

Navitus Results and Highlights

5-Year Cumulative Savings

The savings don’t stop after year one. What makes us different from other PBMs is our ability to sustain savings over time. We’ve consistently held down PMPM costs at a rate substantially below the industry average year over year (YOY), and helped our clients save a cumulative $61.44 PMPM over the last five years.

How Transparent is Your PBM?

Significant differences exist between a traditional PBM and a fully transparent pass-through model. Knowing the difference can help you save on pharmacy benefits. The key is in aligning your PBM’s goals with your goals. When they align, great things can happen. Here’s a quick look at the various PBM models and how they operate.


We cannot say enough positive things about transitioning our specialty pharmacy services to Lumicera. The Navitus account team had a high level of engagement prior to and post migration to ensure quality continuity of care. L.A. Care is delighted with the smooth transition and our members have provided extremely positive feedback. We know we are in good hands with Navitus and couldn’t be happier with our new specialty partner, Lumicera.

Yana Paulson

Chief Pharmacy Officer, L.A. Care

We wanted to partner with a PBM that is aligned with our requirement of transparency and disclosure. The Navitus business model is a great fit with true pass-through pricing, low net cost, superior customer service and proven experience to transition our membership with minimal impact.

Nick Kouklis

Chief Executive Officer, Self-Insured Schools of California (SISC)

Our holistic approach to well-being will always include solutions with innovative partners like Navitus that allow our staff to save money while enhancing their quality of life. The integration of pharmacy benefits and our other well-being solutions are key to our staff's success.

Elizabeth Rhoads

Benefits Manager, Compassion International

The financial savings we experienced have exceeded what we anticipated. Navitus has lived up to its promises.

Wendie Carlson

Former Chief Human Resources Officer, West Tennessee Healthcare

Why should I be concerned about spread?

If you’re working with a traditional PBM, chances are you’re paying too much. The reason? It’s spread. A PBM takes spread when it bills the client more than it paid the pharmacy. Unfortunately, this happens with rebates and in other areas, too. Here’s a look at the long list of traditional PBM pricing practices:

  • Retail spread
  • Mail-Order spread
  • Specialty pharmacy spread
  • MAC list spread
  • Rebate chasing
  • Hidden non-disclosed fees