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New Lumicera Facility to Open in Phoenix

  • Nov 10, 2016
  • Specialty Pharmacy

MADISON, Wis., November 10, 2016–Navitus Health Solutions, LLC, announced today that its specialty pharmacy—Lumicera Health Services—will be expanding to a Western regional location to better serve clients in this geographical area. The facility will be based in Phoenix, Arizona and will serve as a distribution site. Lumicera Phoenix is slated to open on November 14, 2016.

Since opening its Madison, Wisconsin location in 2014, Lumicera’s innovative specialty model has already resonated with clients by generating increased savings at the client and patient level. Consistent with the Navitus model, Lumicera is committed to clinical excellence, member engagement, and lowest-net per member per month cost medication management. Every year millions of dollars in savings from negotiated drug prices and network rate and rebate improvements are passed through to plan sponsors, putting the savings where they belong—with the client and consumer. Lumicera’s unique cost-plus pricing methodology and first-in, first-out pass-through pricing model contribute greatly to enhanced overall savings, resulting in industry-leading drug trend rates that consistently outperform the national trend. 

In addition, the URAC-accredited specialty pharmacy offers customizable clinical pathways to support its patients and improve adherence to therapy. Significant improvements have been seen in patients with chronic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and hepatitis C. Since 2015, 98% of patients have reported that they are satisfied or very satisfied with Lumicera’s services.

The opening of the new Phoenix location will mark another milestone in Navitus’ growth trajectory and allow Lumicera to continue to offer high-touch services—a defining component of the Navitus and Lumicera business model. “As we continue to grow, we are excited to have the opportunity to bring the Lumicera model to more clients to better manage specialty spend and follow through on our commitment to be a patient-centric specialty pharmacy,” noted Brent Eberle, RPh, MBA, Senior Vice President & Chief Pharmacy Officer, Navitus Health Solutions, and General Manager, Lumicera Health Services.



About Lumicera
Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Lumicera functions as a stand-alone URAC-accredited specialty pharmacy while adhering to Navitus’ core principles of transparency and stewardship. Lumicera offers a high-touch, patient-centric approach to care and evidence-based clinical programs and, consistent with the Navitus model, delivers savings through optimized discounts and cost transparency. Lumicera’s pharmacy team keeps patient care at the forefront, providing high-touch, patient-focused services. And with Lumicera’s unique cost-plus pricing model, the actual acquisition cost for the product is passed through to the client. To learn more about Lumicera, visit or call 855-847-3554.

About Navitus
Navitus Health Solutions, LLC, a division of SSM Health, is a full-service, URAC-accredited pharmacy benefit management company. As a zero-spread, full pass through pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), Navitus aligns performance with plan sponsors’ benefit goals to deliver comprehensive clinical programs and cost-saving strategies that lower drug trend and promote good member health. Navitus provides its flexible services to government entities, self-funded employers, coalitions, labor organizations, third-party administrators, and health plans, including managed Medicaid, Exchanges and Medicare Part D. For more information about Navitus’ tangible solutions to the rising cost of health care, visit or call 877-571-7500.