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Lumicera Partners with ParcelShield to Improve Specialty Medication Delivery

  • Nov 19, 2018
  • Specialty Pharmacy

MADISON, Wis., November 19, 2018 – Navitus Health Solutions today announced that Lumicera Health Services, its wholly owned specialty pharmacy, has entered into a strategic agreement with ParcelShield, a predictive parcel science company, to enhance specialty medication delivery to patients who suffer from chronic conditions.

Lumicera provides specialty medications and personalized clinical support to patients across the nation who live with complex chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, genetic disorders and cancer. As a part of their treatment, it’s critical for these patients to receive their medications on time. A missed dose could mean a patient experiences severe symptoms or a relapse resulting in an emergency room visit or hospital stay. 

“Although Lumicera has high on-time delivery rates, we’re continually looking to close the gap on any potential shipment delays,” said Brent Eberle, Senior Vice President and Lumicera General Manager.  “Our patients and their care are our number one priority.  We are confident that our partnership with ParcelShield will help us refine on-time delivery rates and ultimately provide better care to patients,” Eberle said.

“Lumicera is our ideal business partner,” said Brian Thomason, Chief Strategy Officer of ParcelShield. “They have a commitment to providing their patients timely and safe medications. They share our vision that the earlier you detect a problem, the faster you can systemically respond to it.”



About Navitus
Navitus Health Solutions, LLC, a division of SSM Health, is a full-service, URAC-accredited pharmacy benefit management company. As a zero-spread, full pass through pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), Navitus aligns performance with plan sponsors’ benefit goals to deliver comprehensive clinical programs and cost-saving strategies that lower drug trend and promote good member health. Navitus provides its flexible services to government entities, self-funded employers, coalitions, labor organizations, third-party administrators, and health plans, including managed Medicaid, Exchanges, and Medicare Part D. For more information about Navitus’ tangible solutions to the rising cost of health care, visit or call 877-571-7500.

About Lumicera Health Service
Lumicera offers innovative specialty pharmacy solutions, framed in the core principles of transparency and stewardship. Lumicera is defining the “new norm” in specialty pharmacy to optimize patient well-being. We are dedicated to improving specialty pharmacy care, one patient at a time, through educational, clinical, financial and service excellence.

About ParcelShield Holding, LLC
Formed by the merger of Dawson Healthcare Solutions and ParcelShield LLC, ParcelShield Holdings, is the industry leader in rescue logistics. Through an automated technology platform built on predictive analytics, machine learning, and proprietary Weather Farm™ statistical modeling, ParcelShield enables specialty pharmacies to gain more control than ever before over their shipping, revenue, and patient outcomes. Throughout the entire parcel journey — from your pharmacy into your patients’ hands, you gain consistent assurance of more on-time patient medication deliveries shielded against human and carrier error, routing roadblocks, and weather distress.

For media inquiries, contact Debi Lerkins at 480.498.6255; or Brian Thomason at 704-650-1467;