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Navitus Health Solutions Launches Kiio’s® Low Back Pain App

  • Sep 12, 2019
  • PBM Model
MADISON, Wis., September 12, 2019 – In a continued effort to combat the opioid epidemic, Navitus Health Solutions, a pharmacy benefits solutions company, announced today that it is offering a therapeutic mobile application for low back pain that, in addition to alleviating discomfort and improving quality of life, can help reduce opioid prescription use. 

Opioid abuse plagues more than 11.4 million Americans who misuse them and 2.1 million who are living with an opioid use disorder. Opioid use often starts with a prescription for chronic pain, such as low back pain.1 To add to the problem, 30 percent of U.S. adults suffer from low back pain and are prime candidates for opioid prescription use and potential misuse and addiction.2

To address this issue Navitus is collaborating with Kiio, a digital therapeutics company with proven success in musculoskeletal care, to make Kiio’s app-based program available to its membership. Kiio is designed to help individuals reduce lower back pain through a personalized digital care plan that includes exercise, education and personal care management. Kiio has proven to alleviate pain, improve function, and reduce drug use as well as other costly medical interventions such as MRI imaging, epidural steroid injections and spine surgery. In fact, 80 percent of users reported a significant reduction in pain, and in a study with a health insurer, opioid refills dropped by 79 percent and medical costs reduced by 53 percent.3

“The opioid epidemic is complex and challenging to all in healthcare,” said Brent Eberle, Navitus SVP, Health Strategies and Chief Pharmacy Officer. “We’re excited to make available the low back pain mobile app in collaboration with Kiio and believe that it will help members alleviate pain, reduce opioid use and improve quality of life.”

In addition to Kiio, Navitus offers a comprehensive suite of population health programs, called Opioid Safety Solutions, which promote the appropriate, safe use of opioids for members. Focused on prevention, education and support, these programs are making a positive impact. They include Quantity Limits, Controlled Substance Monitoring, several point-of-sale messaging alerts, and more. 

“Technology such as the Kiio mobile app delivers a high level of personalization and convenience that exceeds any other tool that we’ve evaluated, said Eberle. “By combining this technology with our population health programs and leveraging our relationships with prescribers and pharmacists, we believe we can offer members a more effective solution to relieve pain and reduce opioid use.”

About Navitus
Navitus Health Solutions, a division of SSM Health, serves as a full pass-through pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and industry alternative to traditional models. As such, Navitus is committed to taking the unnecessary costs out of pharmacy benefits to make prescriptions more affordable for plan sponsors (i.e. employers, health plans, unions, governments, etc.) and their members. By combining a unique pass-through approach that returns 100% of rebates with a focus on lowest-net-cost medications and comprehensive clinical care programs, Navitus helps reduce costs and improve member health. To learn more about Navitus, call 877.571.7500 or visit

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