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At Navitus, we have the drive, passion and vision to change pharmacy benefit management for the better. That’s what makes us leaders. However, it’s our expertise and experience in pharmacy benefits combined with our collaborative capability, flexibility and alignment to your goals that can help us be the partner that can make a difference.

When you choose Navitus, you gain a team of experts with decades of experience that are on your side to help improve your pharmacy benefit plan performance year after year.

Operating Committee

David Fields

President & CEO

Pete Beste

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Brent Eberle, RPh

Senior Vice President & Chief Pharmacy Officer

Ken Goodnight

Senior Vice President & Chief Customer Officer

Tom Pabich

Senior Vice President, Business Development & Client Services

Byron Mickle

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing & Chief Growth Officer

Eric Feinstein

Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Chief People Officer

Alan Van Amber, RPh

Senior Vice President, Provider Services

Michael Rehberg

Vice President, Information Technology & Chief Information Officer

Carmen Backman

Vice President, Government Programs

Tom Radloff, RPh

Vice President, Account Management

Carrie Aiken

Vice President, Corporate Compliance/Chief Compliance Officer

Sharon Faust, PharmD

Vice President, Specialty Pharmacy, Lumicera Health Services

Paul Page

General Counsel, Corporate Secretary