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The volume of new specialty drugs coming into the market is increasing therapeutic class competition.

It is critical to monitor closely this dynamic to leverage lowest-net-cost strategies that preserve patient care excellence. A well-defined formulary and competitive rebates are key elements of the cost management equation. 

Navitus views this increased specialty drug trend as an additional opportunity to consult with each of our plan sponsors to co-develop and customize specialty pharmacy management solutions—ones that meet their specific population needs and benefit philosophies. 

Specialty drug therapies used to treat chronic and complex diseases require personalized coordination between the member, prescriber and pharmacy.  Navitus SpecialtyRx® provides plan sponsors with a comprehensive approach to managing high-cost specialty drugs through a robust program designed to provide the highest level of tailored patient care possible.

To learn more, plan sponsor pharmacy benefit information is available through secured access.

Please login to the Plan Sponsor Portal using the link above.