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Navitus: a 'Full Pass-Through' PBM Working to Improve Medication Adherence

  • 1/29/2021
  • Tuning in to the C-Suite: an MHE Podcast

MHE Associate Editor Briana Contreras and Senior Editor Peter Wehrwein speak with Julie Olson, senior director of Population Health and Product Development at Navitus, a full pass-through pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company.

Pharma benefits in 2021: 4 trends to watch

  • 12/24/2020
  • BenefitsPRO

While organizations will continue to invest in PBM partners to achieve cost savings, a few key areas will drive significant impact in 2021.

Top Drug Approvals and Product Launches of 2020

  • 12/10/2020
  • Drug Topics

A look back at the most impressive drug approvals and product launches of the year.

Opioid overdoses are spiking amid the pandemic - PBMs can help combat opioid abuse and misuse

  • 11/24/2020
  • MedCity News

Opioid overutilization is a public health crisis, and PBMs with programs aimed at curbing abuse and educating providers can have a positive and substantial impact on clients and their members.

In Land of Giants, Smaller PBMs Find a Niche

  • 10/15/2020
  • Managed Healthcare Executive

In the consolidated PBM industry, smaller companies say they can be nimble and not driven by rebates. But are they acquisition targets?

3 strategies to promote the value of medication adherence among plan members

  • 10/1/2020
  • BenefitsPRO

As the pandemic creates lasting effects on our economy and health care system, the major barriers to medication adherence have worsened.

A Look at the Year in Generics

  • 9/9/2020
  • Drug Topics

The generic pipeline continues to provide significant value to payers and patients as key products in top therapeutic classes lose patent protection.

Maintaining affordable access to prescriptions in a post-pandemic world

  • 5/29/2020
  • MedCity News

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, pharmacy networks have largely delivered against the challenge to meet critical health care needs. Pharmacies across the country remain open to accommodate patients, and anticipated drug shortages and supply chain concerns from early in the pandemic have not come to fruition.

Navitus Achieves Double-Digit Savings for New Clients in 2019

  • 5/28/2020
  • RADAR on Drug Benefits

Navitus Health Solutions, a PBM that touts a 100% rebate pass-through model and a lowest-net-cost formulary, says it is seeing success in moderating total net cost per-member per-month (PMPM), particularly for new clients.

The company’s 2019 Drug Trend report, released in May, said Navitus achieved an “industry-leading” total net cost PMPM of $78.12 across its commercial business, 16% lower than the forecasted industry average of $93.11 PMPM.

3 considerations for selecting a truly transparent pharmacy benefits partner

  • 5/14/2020
  • BenefitsPRO

While the word “transparency” is commonly used across the PBM industry, the reality is that not all transparency is created equal.

PQA Presents Quality Awards to 24 Medicare Plan Contracts for High Achievement in Medication Quality

  • 5/14/2020
  • Pharmacy Quality Alliance

The Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) has recognized 24 Medicare plan contracts with a quality award for high achievement or significant improvement in PQA measures of medication safety and appropriate use. The awards are based on published CMS Medicare Part D Star Ratings.

Navitus MedicareRx is recognized with an Excellence in Quality Award for PDPs and Dean Health Plan is recognized with an Excellence in Quality Award for MAPDs.

With Costco Now in its Corner, PBM Navitus Thinks Big

  • 5/14/2020
  • RADAR on Drug Benefits

Serving just 6.2 million members, Navitus Health Solutions — a PBM owned by St. Louis, Mo.-based integrated health system SSM Health — is hardly one of the industry’s major players. But given that it features a “pass-through” business model in an era when opaque PBM structures are facing scrutiny, and Costco Wholesale Corp. recently purchased a minority stake in the firm, Navitus may be poised for a bigger spotlight.

NW Prescription Drug Consortium announces Moda and Navitus as contractors for their pharmacy benefit

  • 3/5/2020
  • Oregon Health Authority

The NW Prescription Drug Consortium is pleased to retain Moda as their contracted program administrator and begin using Navitus as their pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) effective January 1, 2022.

Business Group Achieves First-Year Pharmacy Savings

  • 2/20/2020
  • Milwaukee Business Journal

Employer costs for pharmacy benefits are continuing to increase partly due to the costs of specialty medications, said Jeff Kluever, executive director of the Business Health Care Group. Pharmacy benefit managers, which are third-party administrators of prescription drug programs for insurers, say they reduce those costs but Navitus takes it further by passing along to employers all rebates and discounts.

The Slow Reveal

  • 9/18/2019
  • Managed Care Magazine

Rebates have created pay-to-play dynamics. Employers facing high drug costs have “rebate addiction.” And the impressive “rebate guarantees” are hard to resist. But at least the process of how drugs get formulary placement is becoming clearer, and some PBMs have moved to charging administrative fees only.

Small PBMs Urge Congress: Don't Kill Rebates

  • 5/16/2019
  • Healthcare Dive

Smaller pharmacy benefit management companies, rarely in the spotlight, are urging Congress not to fundamentally alter the way prescription drugs are paid for in the U.S. As the Trump administration advocates banning rebates under Medicare and Medicaid, these lower-profile PBMs aim to convince lawmakers not to junk the entire system. They say Congress should start by examining business models other than just of the nation's largest PBM players.

Policy Makers Seek Answers for High Costs of Prescription Drugs

  • 5/10/2019
  • Pharmacy Times

Members of Congress sought to deconstruct the drug supply chain Thursday in an effort to find ways to lower prescription drug prices. Hosted by the House Committee on Energy & Commerce, the investigational hearing drew testimony from health care industry experts representing drug companies, insurers, and patient advocacy groups.

PBM executive: Industry has been discussing end of rebates for a 'long, long time'

  • 4/30/2019
  • FierceHealthcare

Though the Trump administration’s steps to end drug rebates have been met with outrage from pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), these companies have been talking about a future without rebates for a long time, experts say.

Wisconsin Pharmacy Benefits Combination Challenges National Giants

  • 4/9/2019
  • Milwaukee Business Journal

A “significant number” of southeast Wisconsin employers are in the pipeline to enroll in a new local pharmacy benefits program that promises savings and a departure from the much-maligned large national pharmacy benefits firms.

Wrapping up 2018 and Looking Forward to the New Year

  • 12/20/2018
  • Business Health Care Group - The Catalyst

Throughout 2019 we expect more BHCG member employers and non-members will move to Navitus as their pharmacy benefit management solution.

Data from Health Plans, PBMs Helps Lower Prescription Drug Costs

  • 11/16/2018
  • Health Payer Intelligence

Surescripts Prescription Price Transparency Tool Realizes Massive Provider Adoption, Achieves Break

  • 11/14/2018
  • Surescripts

The Surescripts Network Alliance™ is experiencing one of its fastest health information technology adoption curves to date as it transforms the prescription decision process, with a fortyfold increase in the number of prescribers utilizing its Real-Time Prescription Benefit tool since it launched last year. To date, prescribers have used the tool 30 million times to view patient-specific prescription price and therapeutic alternative information, integrated with their electronic health record (EHR) software, at the point of care.

A Tough Negotiator Proves Employers Can Bargain Down Health Care Prices

  • 10/2/2018
  • NPR / ProPublica

One woman found a way to attack high health insurance prices. And that's news because it's hard for any one person to do. If you go to the hospital, the hospital charges your insurer, which passes the cost on to you. And it's hard to negotiate a better price in that system. Marshall Allen of the nonprofit newsroom ProPublica has been investigating high health insurance costs. And he has the story of a woman who used her power to hold them down.

Navitus Builds New Headquarters, Keeps Distance from Big Drug Benefit Managers

  • 7/6/2018
  • Wisconsin State Journal

With a new headquarters going up at a prominent intersection on Madison’s West Side, Navitus Health Solutions is gaining visibility at a time when some of its competitors are trying to avoid attention.

Managed Care Pharmacy Leaders Are Honored at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy/AMCP Foundation

  • 4/26/2018
  • Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and AMCP Foundation recognized a group of leaders who have contributed significantly to the profession of managed care pharmacy. Eight awards were presented at a gala Awards Dinner held April 25 as part of the AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting in Boston, Mass.

Managed Care Pharmacy Residency Director/Preceptor Award Recipient Marnie Wickizer, PharmD, is the Residency Program Director at Navitus Health Solutions.

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