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Why Navitus? Break free from high benefit costs

We make managing your Rx benefit seem like less work and more play. Plus, you can save 10-15%!

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Why Navitus? We’re reinventing pharmacy benefits

Experience the clarity, guidance and peace of mind of working with Navitus. Plus, you can save 10-15%.

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NAVITUS 2021 DRUG TREND REPORT Achieving industry leading savings

With a low PMPM cost of $84.37, our clients achieved a modest year-over-year increase of 1.5%.

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Why Navitus? Discover a better Rx benefit solution

Get your pharmacy benefits headed in the right direction for a savings of 10-15%.

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Offering a Better Solution

Pharmacy Benefits Reinvented

As the industry’s alternative pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), we’re committed to making prescriptions more affordable for you and your members.  That’s why we work hard every day to take the unnecessary costs out of pharmacy benefits.  To that end, we’ve reinvented pharmacy benefits to work smarter to deliver real savings and improve member health.  As a result, many of our first-year clients see anywhere from a 10-15% savings.


Pharmacy Benefits Management

Our modern, alternative solution leverages a powerful PBM engine built on a transformative pass-through approach, lowest net-cost philosophy and outstanding clinical model that works smarter and harder to deliver greater results. With this engine in place, ordinary PBM tools – such as utilization management, formulary, and networks – perform at a higher level to improve health more effectively and generate even more savings.

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100% Pass-Through

We pass 100% of all discounts or rebates we receive directly back to you. All of our revenue is based on a set admin fee.

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Lowest Net-Cost

While rebates and discounts are important, we focus on all factors to reduce overall cost, including formulary and drug mix.

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Clinical Care Model

Our patient-centered model works to improve health outcomes, which also improves long-term financial performance.

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Specialty Pharmacy

Our full-service specialty pharmacy, Lumicera Health Services, a subsidiary of Navitus, combines high-touch care and clinical support with a stringent cost management model. Our pharmacists and clinical experts provide a personalized approach to care, guiding members every step of the way to improve health and quality of life. Our unique acquisition cost-plus pricing model combined with first-in, first-out (FIFO) methodology, works to keep costs in check.

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Clinical Care Model

Our patient-centered model works to improve health outcomes, which also improves long-term financial performance.

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Cost Management

Strikes the right balance between high-touch support to meet your members’ needs and cost management to control expenses.

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Why Choose Us

The Bottom Line

When you work with a fully transparent and pass through PBM the results are a given, but the experience is unique. Our expert advisors will lead you into a new adventure in pharmacy benefit management where you’ll get:
•    Clarity into your pharmacy benefit costs and savings opportunities
•    The Guidance to get your benefit management going in the right direction
•    Peace of mind that our expertise and experience are on your side every day
As a result, we make managing your Rx benefits feel less like work and more play. On top of that, our clients experience a substantial savings of 10-15%. We call it Pharmacy Benefits Reinvented.

Who's Chosen Navitus Already?

We are the PBM of choice for government entities, self-funded employers, and associations. This includes health exchanges and organizations providing managed Medicaid and Medicare Part D.

We cannot say enough positive things about transitioning our specialty pharmacy services to Lumicera. The Navitus account team had a high level of engagement prior to and post migration to ensure quality continuity of care. L.A. Care is delighted with the smooth transition and our members have provided extremely positive feedback. We know we are in good hands with Navitus and couldn’t be happier with our new specialty partner, Lumicera.

Yana Paulson

Chief Pharmacy Officer, L.A. Care

With this insight into Navitus’ operations and access to data, I am able to make sensible decisions with the best interest of the Trust in mind.

Matt Morfoot

Administrative Manager, San Diego Electrical Health and Welfare Trust

Navitus made my job so much easier and less worrisome. They assisted us in ensuring our significant formulary change went smoothly. The financial savings we experienced have exceeded what we anticipated. Navitus has lived up to its promises.

Wendie Carlson

Former Chief Human Resources Officer, West Tennessee Healthcare

Our holistic approach to well-being will always include solutions with innovative partners like Navitus that allow our staff to save money while enhancing their quality of life. The integration of pharmacy benefits and our other well-being solutions are key to our staff's success.

Elizabeth Rhoads

Benefits Manager, Compassion International

5 out of 5 Overall CMS STAR RATING

For our Medicare Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP)



Survey results from clients post-implementation


URAC Accredited - Pharmacy Benefit Management - Expires 11/01/2022
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